Live Music for Any Occasion

from a solo musician to a 9-piece band or anything in between!
• RSVP's flexibility makes the group appropriate for anything from a small private in-home party to a large catered affair or corporate event.

• A huge song list makes RSVP equally at home providing intimate "unplugged" entertainment or full-tilt rock or dance for all generations.

• Their extensive studio and live experience assures you the quality that will help make yours an exciting and memorable event for everyone!

What kind of events does RSVP play?

Wedding • Anniversary • Bar/Bat Mitzvah • Office Party • Holiday Party • Birthday • Marketing Event • Club Social
...Any place people want live music!

What does it cost to hire RSVP?
Probably less than you think! The amount varies, depending on things like how many musicians you want, how many hours of music you need, where the event is located, when the event is scheduled, etc. We’ll be glad to give you a quote. In many cases, you can have the excitement of live music for less than the cost of many DJs!
RSVP plays primarily in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state area, but can travel as needed. We have played many events throughout New England.

Solo musician to nine players? How do I decide?
The size of the band you will want depends on many things, including the type of music you most want to hear, the size and layout of the venue (space and volume considerations), and budget. We will be glad to discuss the options with you and help you pick the best size for your event.